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Workforce Preparation

Amador Adult Education provides FREE courses to prepare you for workplace success!

We have a growing list of of programs and training opportunities to help you increase your value at work.  Whether you need to expand your basic computer skills or are looking for a new career path, we are here to hold your hand. We believe a better skilled you, means a stronger community for us all. Explore our available list of programs and career training options and then be sure to call or visit our office for more information and to enroll!

Digital Literacy Program

An online Computer Skill course that you can complete at your own pace and at any time of the day that is convenient for you. Enrollment is open now. Learn the basics of computers, the internet,  career search skills, email, Microsoft Word, and more!

Career Training and Preparation

These courses are designed to prepare you for a specific career. We have various pathways to choose from and more underway. The courses vary from time to time, so check frequently for updates. There are specific enrollment dates for each course offered.

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