Digital Literacy Program – Free Online Courses 

Amador Digital Literacy Success Program

Welcome to the NEW Digital Literacy program!

Learn at your own pace with free online step-by-step instruction!

Earn Certificates suitable for presentation to a prospective or current employer in Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Microsoft Word, and Career Search Skills.

How do I begin?

Step 1. Technology Requirements: You will need access to the internet and a computer or laptop to participate in the online courses. If you are in need of technology to complete the course, please contact Amador Adult Education office at 209-257-5110 Temporary WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks may be provided, depending upon availability. Note: You will not be able to access the course from a tablet or smartphone.

Step 2. Enroll:  We will be accepting new enrollments in the fall of 2021.  Click our Interest Survey form (will open a new window) to leave your contact information.  We will reach out to you regarding enrollment once school resumes in the fall.

Step 3. Install ZOOM to your computer. You will be using the ZOOM online meeting software to communicate with the instructor. If you already have Zoom installed, that’s great! If not, please click this link for detailed instructions for installing ZOOM – (pdf document opens in a new window). If you are experiencing any issues with installing Zoom, please contact your instructor for free assistance.

Step 4. Orientation: After receipt of your application, the instructor will contact you to schedule a 30-minute Orientation to the Digital Literacy Program. At this stage, you are now ready to begin online learning through the Digital Literacy Program.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at 209-257-5110 or at

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